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We’re A Cloud Services Company

“Global Internet traffic will triple over the next five years, says networking-hardware specialist Cisco Systems Inc., with mobile data flow rising 11-fold between 2013 and 2018. Cloud-computing spending will nearly double to $285.7 billion in 2018 from this year, adds research firm Gartner.”

Cited Wall Street Journal 11-5-2014

We Target Under-Served Metro, Fringe, and Rural Commercial Areas

The new wireless technology equipment reaches fringe, under-served and rural areas (areas which major carriers neglect because of the disadvantageous economics required for them to trench fiber to the premise) with high speeds much less expensively than by cable, satellite or fiber. We target these metro areas in and around Kansas City (pop. 2.34 million).

Our Companies

CTC Wireless

We are the Kansas City Metro Area's wireless broadband provider for businesses, government, and hotel access. CTC is an all access IT company providing, web hosting, email hosting and co-location hosting. By combining two wireless services - or wireless with DSL, fiber or T1 service - we can deliver complete link failover to your business for 100% peace of mind. Combine 3 for 99.999% reliability.


KC NAP, located in downtown Kansas City, MO, is Kansas City's provider of choice for Internet Services and private layer 2 and NAP access. Established in 2004 The KC NAP operates the oldest private Network Access Point located in the heartland. This gives you greater performance and coverage with local and national routing, including hand-offs to multiple diverse tier 1 carriers. The KC NAP offers flexible connectivity options with the availability of solutions to accommodate all your business co-location or ISP needs.


“Speed is just one feature customers care about. They also want a more ubiquitous pipe, at a price they are willing to pay, in an environment conditioned by adequate competition, which exists today more in the wireless sphere than in the wired sphere.”

Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal, 2-21-15